Configuring SSO

SSO via SAML enables your organization members to use custom Identity Providers to login to Ethiack.

If your organization's plan supports SSO, you can configure it by clicking the SSO menu on the security section of your settings. In this guide, you can also click this link:

Okta Configuration

This guide provides a configuration example using Okta as an Identity Provider, but please note that other providers may have different settings or steps.

1. Click the configure button

2. Go to your Okta Admin Dashboard

3. Create a new application by clicking on Create App Integration

4. Select SAML 2.0 as the sign-in method

5. Give the app the name Ethiack

6. As the Single-sign-on URL paste the ACS URL displayed in the Ethiack Portal:

SSO configuration
7. As the Audience URI, paste the Metadata URL displayed in the Ethiack Portal

8. Select the EmailAddress as the Name ID format and finish the app configuration

9. Assign users to the application

10. In the Sign On tab of the application page, expand the details

11. Go back to Ethiack Portal and configure the following values:

  • Issuer value as the Identity provider issuer
  • Sign on URL value as the Single sign-on URL,
  • Sign out URL value as the Logout URL
  • Signing certificate value as the Identity provider X509 certificate field

    Configuration example

12. Click the save button and then click test

13. If everything went well, you can now click the toggle to enable SSO

If you run into any issues or need help with configuration, please reach out to support!